lundi 15 juillet 2013

Shopping Time !

Hii Guys ! 

Today I made some shopping with my BF ! And I bought some things =3 

First, I went to a Disney Store, and I'm literally felt in love with a Minnie Bag ... And I found a Keychain with Angel from Stitch =P. She is so cute in the anime ! 
I really love Pink, My fav' color. So, the bag and Angel are pink, of course xD. I don't know if, in the future, I'll be able to wear this cute bag with Gyaru outfit, but I'll try !

I also found two cute T-shirt. The one on the left is really soft ... I really like the roses on it, the color is an old pink ... Pink ! Always Pink !! This T-shirt have strange sleeves =O. I'll show you this particularity, if I wear it in an Gyaru outfit. 
The second top is really beautiful and has some embroideries on the front ... I think that my first Gyaru (inspired) outfit =3.
I really like sales when I find little things like this ones ^-^.

I also found some other things ... I found a little necklace with some pearls and earrings =3, this things are for my first outfit ^-^. Like the nail polish ^^".
I also find some fabric for making handmade head bow, just to match with my two news t-shirt.

And the most important purchase ! My Babyliss Style Mix =3.
Now, I'll be able to try to make good hairstyle, like the other gyaru ^-^. I'm very happy. I think I'll try it tomorrow !

Thanks for reading =3

3 commentaires:

  1. haa je le veux le babyliss style mix ! tu m en diras des nouvelles et sympa le haut avec les rose aussi !
    kiss Min <3

  2. Je ne sais pas encore ce qu'il vaut, mais il a l'air bien ^-^ Et puis on peut faire plein de truc avec xD ça me plait.
    J'ai totalement craqué sur le t-shirt en question, j'adore la couleur et la forme ^-^.
    Kissu <3

  3. Tu as fait des folies ^o^ ,le t-shirt est très mignon bis