vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Reborn ?

Hii Guys ...

I'm not dead !!!! xD I just spend a long time for my studies ...
Finally, I write today because I've a announcement ... I really think to make a break in lolita ! You're surprised ? Haha ...
Now, I really want to find my own way, and I think that my fashion way is in the Gyaru Style !
I've found a super girl who help me to begin ! This is Galily ! She's really friendly with me ! Galily is a french Gyaru who wear rokku and goshikku style since 2007/2008 !
She help me to understand what Gyaru style is ! I discovered Rokku Gal with she ! =3 She showed me that  it will be better to begin with Hime Kaji for me ♥ I really like this substyle ! She showed me Amihamu, RE:No & Kanako Kawabata ... All of this girls are so perfect ...
I hope to become a good gyaru with her help =3.

If you don't know who is Galily, you can followed this awesome girl here :

She's beautiful, isn't ?

My other "help" is my BF !!! Maru, I ♥ U
He is Gyaru-o for a long time now ... I think since 2011 ... He gave me the envy to discovered Gyaru fashion ! He helped me to find some shops on Rakuten, because Rakuten is Maru's heaven xD. He showed me the brand Dream V !!! Damn, all is so beautiful ... I really want to make a order on this website ... But shipping are so expensive ... I need to wait a moment ^^". I found a sort of Cutsew, a pink one, I hope to order it ASAP.

Without my Boyfriend, I wouldn't know this Japanese Style ! Thanks a lot dear ♥
Please, try to help me for long time yet !

If you want to follow Maru, it's here :

 ♥ U
Ok ! Now I show you my first item !!! It's a dress from Tralala brand ! I really like it because she is mostly Pink !!! ^=^ Pink, my fav' color ! I don't know if it's a good dress for a newcomer, but I really like it ! I hope you like it !

First Item ...
I don't know if in the futur I'll keep this blog ... Maybe I'll make a new one, only for Gyaru and keep this one for my lolita moments. Please, be nice with me my  ! ♥
I ♥ U so much !

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