jeudi 18 juillet 2013

Shopping Time (2) !

Hii Guys

It's me again ^=^. Yesterday, I saw on Internet a Glavil Cross Necklace ♥ I'm litteraly felt in love with this ! I found a picture on the web, if someone know the real name of this awesome necklace, please tell me !!

So, today I went in a commercial center, to find some jewel ! And I find some cross who's look a little like the Glavil one !!! ^=^ And I found another triple cross necklace ♥.

I bougth this necklace in two colors ^^
This three necklace came from New Look ^=^
 I also went on a friend's shop, and I found two little things ! This things :

 Short article today ^^. Do you like this items ?
Have a nice day ♥

2 commentaires:

  1. Je veux la Glavil aussi u__u
    vivement septembre que le shop ouvre ces portes ><

    1. Je t'avoue que j'attends l'ouverture du shop avec impatience ...
      Je craque déjà pour les sacs M☆rs qu'elles ont montré ...