samedi 31 août 2013

It's Lolita Time

Hii Dear Followers !

How are you today ? I'm sorry for the long time without posting, but, until last monday, I was in vacation with my Family ! And without my BF :( this part was really sad, and it was really difficult to be alone during approximately a month ...

A little photo of my vacation just for you !!!
Now ! Lolita time !!!
Some weeks ago, My BF helped me to make an order on Dream V ^.^. So I ordered some Gyaru thinks (that I'll show you in another post) and a Lolita Cutsew ! So, photo !!!

It's a cute Cutsew, isn't it ?
I also got my Angelic Pretty Mook !!! I was so happy when I received it ! And I also got the Sugary Carnival Tote Bag ! Now I really want to have the JSK in black ...

When I came back home, I also have another package ! I was like a pre-Christmas Day ! xD. This one was a JSK from Bodyline, a Blue with Strawberries on it ... I'm really in love with this dress.

Now, I want to show you my Coodirnation for Tomorrow ! I'll go to my Little Lolita Sister's Home for his B'day !!! I made some handmade gifts (I take pictures, but I can show you this pictures for the time ^-^ You know why !)
It's not really a Lolita Coordination for a lot of lolita, but this is my Lolita =P.

Follow the White Rabbit
& Kawaii Mania Accessorize !
Follow the White Rabbit WC & Bracelet
It's all for the moment !
Thank's for watching !

vendredi 2 août 2013

Shopping Time (3) + Loli news !

Hii Guys !

I'm so Happy, because I found a lot of things during the sales =3. But now I'm really Poor :( ...
I'll show you the Gyaru's inspired clothes that I found ! Let's go !

First I have a very Crazy Time With my BF when I tried the clothes ^.^!

Where is Maru ???  

Finally I choose this two items, a short and a sort of T-shirt :

I also find some new nail polish ! And the bracelet who's match with one of my necklace ^-^ 

Last Night I went to a restaurant with my BF because on 4th August it's his B'day !!!! I'll be 24 years old !!! Love U my dear !!!

Kampaiiiii !

 Today I received my two new items for lolita fashion ^-^ I bought both second hand. The one on the right is perfect, but the other haven't waist tie and amovible bow :(. I'm so sad of it ... I don't know if I'll keep it ...

 Thank's for watching my blog !