jeudi 18 juillet 2013

Shopping Time (2) !

Hii Guys

It's me again ^=^. Yesterday, I saw on Internet a Glavil Cross Necklace ♥ I'm litteraly felt in love with this ! I found a picture on the web, if someone know the real name of this awesome necklace, please tell me !!

So, today I went in a commercial center, to find some jewel ! And I find some cross who's look a little like the Glavil one !!! ^=^ And I found another triple cross necklace ♥.

I bougth this necklace in two colors ^^
This three necklace came from New Look ^=^
 I also went on a friend's shop, and I found two little things ! This things :

 Short article today ^^. Do you like this items ?
Have a nice day ♥

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

What I made today ?

Hii Guys !!

New post ! Today, I made some hair accessories ! I found some floral fabric and tried to make some flower and ribbon with this fabric. So today it's a post with a lot of photo and not a lot of text =3.

Pink Fabric with Pinks Little Flowers
The little Ribbon
The Flower with a little strass
I also made a set in Old "Pink"
Double Ribbon *I really like this one ^^*
Then, after having made this little things, I go out with my BF  U & He was very cute with me, and let me take some photos of him !!! I show you some of this photo =3 I think to make a new theme for his blog (Maru's Room). Please be nice with me, I'm not a professional photographer, I just take photo because I find it really funny !

Also, I tried my first Outfit inspired by Gyaru (especially by Hime Kaji and Romantic Gyaru). Please Be nice with me =3 Hope you like it ! For this outfit, I wore my new T-shirt from New Look and my new Necklace and Earrings (really like this cute things *O*).

After taking photos, We went to restaurant for having good time ^-^.

Have a good night !

lundi 15 juillet 2013

Shopping Time !

Hii Guys ! 

Today I made some shopping with my BF ! And I bought some things =3 

First, I went to a Disney Store, and I'm literally felt in love with a Minnie Bag ... And I found a Keychain with Angel from Stitch =P. She is so cute in the anime ! 
I really love Pink, My fav' color. So, the bag and Angel are pink, of course xD. I don't know if, in the future, I'll be able to wear this cute bag with Gyaru outfit, but I'll try !

I also found two cute T-shirt. The one on the left is really soft ... I really like the roses on it, the color is an old pink ... Pink ! Always Pink !! This T-shirt have strange sleeves =O. I'll show you this particularity, if I wear it in an Gyaru outfit. 
The second top is really beautiful and has some embroideries on the front ... I think that my first Gyaru (inspired) outfit =3.
I really like sales when I find little things like this ones ^-^.

I also found some other things ... I found a little necklace with some pearls and earrings =3, this things are for my first outfit ^-^. Like the nail polish ^^".
I also find some fabric for making handmade head bow, just to match with my two news t-shirt.

And the most important purchase ! My Babyliss Style Mix =3.
Now, I'll be able to try to make good hairstyle, like the other gyaru ^-^. I'm very happy. I think I'll try it tomorrow !

Thanks for reading =3

dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Gyaru Idol & What I want ^-^

Hii Guys !

Thanks for all the view ! If you like my little articles, you can follow me with your Google+ Account =3. So I'll write today about one of my gyaru idols, and about the things that I really need to buy to be a real good Gal !

So, first, I want to speak about Tsubasa Masuwaka. Some days ago, for me Tsubasa was Milky Bunny ^-^. I find this girl really cute and I think that she may be a very good example for me =3 ! Some of my friend see this awesome girl during the Japan Expo and were able to speak with she ! But When I arrived to Japan Expo on Sunday, she was already gone :(.

During the Japan Expo, we can saw the "Dolly Wink" Stand ! I was so disappointed because we can't buy Dolly Wink Products :(. But, we can see some product from this brand, and this items looked really perfect ... And seem to be a great quality =3.

So, it's totally logical that I really want to have Dolly Wink Products !!! ^-^.
My friend Galily showed me where to buy some Dolly Wink things, and products from other brand ! So, I chose some product to buy in some days =3. First, I really want the Pink Eyeshadow and this type of Eyelashes ^-^.

Tomorrow, I'll go to city to make SHOPPING !!! Hope to find really beautiful things ^-^. If I find something, I'll show you ^-^.

Have a good night =3

vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Reborn ?

Hii Guys ...

I'm not dead !!!! xD I just spend a long time for my studies ...
Finally, I write today because I've a announcement ... I really think to make a break in lolita ! You're surprised ? Haha ...
Now, I really want to find my own way, and I think that my fashion way is in the Gyaru Style !
I've found a super girl who help me to begin ! This is Galily ! She's really friendly with me ! Galily is a french Gyaru who wear rokku and goshikku style since 2007/2008 !
She help me to understand what Gyaru style is ! I discovered Rokku Gal with she ! =3 She showed me that  it will be better to begin with Hime Kaji for me ♥ I really like this substyle ! She showed me Amihamu, RE:No & Kanako Kawabata ... All of this girls are so perfect ...
I hope to become a good gyaru with her help =3.

If you don't know who is Galily, you can followed this awesome girl here :

She's beautiful, isn't ?

My other "help" is my BF !!! Maru, I ♥ U
He is Gyaru-o for a long time now ... I think since 2011 ... He gave me the envy to discovered Gyaru fashion ! He helped me to find some shops on Rakuten, because Rakuten is Maru's heaven xD. He showed me the brand Dream V !!! Damn, all is so beautiful ... I really want to make a order on this website ... But shipping are so expensive ... I need to wait a moment ^^". I found a sort of Cutsew, a pink one, I hope to order it ASAP.

Without my Boyfriend, I wouldn't know this Japanese Style ! Thanks a lot dear ♥
Please, try to help me for long time yet !

If you want to follow Maru, it's here :

 ♥ U
Ok ! Now I show you my first item !!! It's a dress from Tralala brand ! I really like it because she is mostly Pink !!! ^=^ Pink, my fav' color ! I don't know if it's a good dress for a newcomer, but I really like it ! I hope you like it !

First Item ...
I don't know if in the futur I'll keep this blog ... Maybe I'll make a new one, only for Gyaru and keep this one for my lolita moments. Please, be nice with me my  ! ♥
I ♥ U so much !