dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Gyaru Idol & What I want ^-^

Hii Guys !

Thanks for all the view ! If you like my little articles, you can follow me with your Google+ Account =3. So I'll write today about one of my gyaru idols, and about the things that I really need to buy to be a real good Gal !

So, first, I want to speak about Tsubasa Masuwaka. Some days ago, for me Tsubasa was Milky Bunny ^-^. I find this girl really cute and I think that she may be a very good example for me =3 ! Some of my friend see this awesome girl during the Japan Expo and were able to speak with she ! But When I arrived to Japan Expo on Sunday, she was already gone :(.

During the Japan Expo, we can saw the "Dolly Wink" Stand ! I was so disappointed because we can't buy Dolly Wink Products :(. But, we can see some product from this brand, and this items looked really perfect ... And seem to be a great quality =3.

So, it's totally logical that I really want to have Dolly Wink Products !!! ^-^.
My friend Galily showed me where to buy some Dolly Wink things, and products from other brand ! So, I chose some product to buy in some days =3. First, I really want the Pink Eyeshadow and this type of Eyelashes ^-^.

Tomorrow, I'll go to city to make SHOPPING !!! Hope to find really beautiful things ^-^. If I find something, I'll show you ^-^.

Have a good night =3

2 commentaires:

  1. Il y avait un stand dolly wink a la JE et on pouvait pas acheter ?! c est la lose xD
    Sinon je vois que t as fait des achat ! j ai hate de voir tout ca :3
    kiss Min <3

  2. C'était comment dire, assez frustrant ...
    Pour le reste, je ne l'ai pas encore acheté ^-^ C'est pour d'ici quelques jours, je dois liquider quelques trucs avant xD Sinon mon compte sera pas trop OK xD.
    Kissu <3